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Birthday Parties

Birthday Parties

We’ve got birthday parties down to a science…hands-on, FUN science! Birthday party packages are designed for children ages 4 and older, we provide hands-on, FUN sizzlin’ science birthday parties that are totally participatory, totally safe and totally age appropriate for every child. Each child becomes a REAL scientist performing REAL experiments! Our sizzlin’ science birthday parties combine the most exciting experiments to create FUN science memories that will last a lifetime.

We would like to be part of your birthday party packages where parents have our program as one of their choices. A scientist will come and provide a fun-filled, fast paced 60-75-minute science adventure. All science supplies and materials. Participation for the birthday child and up to 14 of his/her friends. Take home experiments for each child and a science participation certificate for each child. Invitation cards for invitees. Lab Coat for the BP boy or girl to be used during the party.

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