Sky Dome Hiring Terms and Conditions

Sky Dome Hiring Terms and Conditions

“Please read and understand the below terms & conditions before making a booking.”


• To book a sky dome call (974) 31200011 or email
• To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to book at least six weeks in advance.
• An invoice will be issued after the booking with all the details.
• Accepted payment methods include cheque and Bank transfer to:

Al Hunjul Trading and Edutainment Services
Mashreq Bank- C Ring Road Branch
IBAN NO: QA58MSHQ000000000029100014273
ACCOUNT NO: 029100014273

Booking Cancellations/Refunds:

• There is a 50% cancellation fee if your event is cancelled less than 14 days before each program.
• There is a 30% cancellation fee if your event is cancelled less than 21 days before each program.
• There is a 15% cancellation fee if your event is cancelled less than 30 days before each program.
• If cancellation made because of situations outside client control, for example bad weather or illness,
then, provided the booking is rescheduled for a date within 2 months, the cancellation charge will be waived.

Sky Dome Requirements:

• A clear area of at least 7m x 7m (for Sky Dome 1) with minimum 4m vertical clearance with solid and clean (dust-free) floor.
• A clear area of at least 9m x 9m (for Sky Dome 2) with minimum 4.5m vertical clearance with solid and clean (dust-free) floor.
• The domes are for indoor use only to protected from the wind, dust and rain
• No students/ Children are allowed outside of the dome (especially close to the power socket and/ or the blower.
Kids must be supervised by responsible adults all the time.
• Access to a mains power socket (preferably two but one will do).
• A ramp/lifts (not steps) to load and/ or unload the dome equipment by trolley.
• If booking is for multi-day bookings, a safe and secure storage for equipment is required.
Please note that it is the hirer’s responsibility to protect the dome and its tools and equipment’s from damaging, or for any theft.
• Children/ students must be accompanied teacher, Venue staff or guardian.

Attendees Behavior & Etiquette

• The Sky Dome staff assume that all attendee with behave in an elegant way without causing any disruptive, dangerous or any other inappropriate way. If not the Sky Dome staff will have the right to ask any person(s) to leave the dome.
• In case of any tools or equipment damages the hirer is legally obliged to compensate the company with the full replacement value of the damaged item(s).
• Food, drinks, and gum are NOT permitted inside the planetarium.
• The audience usually sits on the floor inside the planetarium. However, if need be, chairs can be set-up inside the planetarium. You can notify us to arrange chairs.
• Audience members should be encouraged to go to the bathroom BEFORE they enter the planetarium.
• To avoid damage to equipment inside or outside the dome. It is strongly recommended that children should not be allowed near the dome at any time without adult supervision.
• In case of any inappropriate behavior from the Sky Dome Staff, the trip coordinator has the right to inform the company Operation Manager at or to phone (974) 31200011


By making a booking you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above and agree to book the service as stated. To confirm fill the on-line booking and send to us and within one or two days we will get back to you with our booking confirmation. We will do our best to enjoy your students and to give them the ultimate that we can.

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