After School Club – German International School

After School Club – German International School

The mission of the After-School STEM xplorers Program is to provide quality educational programs for all students through engaging experiences.

Designed to augment STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with the inclusion of the arts (STEAM), this program employs hands-on activities as a means to strengthen students’ mathematics and science competencies, create an awareness of the world of technology, engineering with art and enhance the development of students’ pro social behaviors and attitudes towards school. Through the sports programs we endeavor to promote healthy lifestyles through physical fitness and better nutrition.

To fulfill this commitment, we ask that all students enrolled in the enrichment programs adhere to basic behavioral and safety guidelines. Students are encouraged to become involved in the extra-curricular program, and once they join an activity, continued attendance is expected. Our scientists/instructors set clear boundaries and expectations with both the school administration and students.

In addition, STEM xplorers will follow all school rules and policies regarding student behavioral expectations. We stress at the beginning of each class that the school rules are still in effect during all after-school clubs. We ask for the full cooperation of parents and school administration should they be notified of discipline problems.

It is our intention to provide each student with an exciting and fun after-school experience!

The extra-curricular activities change termly and a schedule will be published closer to Term start dates.

“Schedules and Fees will be shared closer to the school start dates. “

Activities that will be provided are:

Our science shows are rich with scientific (facts and figures) information, safe, highly interactive, with many demos involving the whole audience, as well as lots of volunteers on stage.

LEGO education is a perfect way of taking preschoolers through the five key learning areas that are important for early childhood development.

The art sessions will equip children with crafting techniques in turn building the skills they can use to complete their STEM challenges.

Regular participation of children in gymnastics can them on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle, remaining involved in the sport as they grow up.

Badminton is one of the safest sports that children can participate whilst benefiting from it in respect of their brain development.

Zumba class is a fun activity that will improve your child’s coordination whilst enhancing the function of both body and mind, leading to their overall development.

Martial arts enables children to reap many benefits in several areas of life, which includes but not limited to self-discipline, self-defense and many more.

Basketball is a rigorous sport that doesn’t require much equipment but it allows the child to learn to target and builds precision which is a life-long skill.

Soccer plays an integral part in the development of your child’s agility, speed and stamina with the focusing in the principle of team work.

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