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Science Shows

Science Shows

Special events can be made even more exciting with our Sizzlin’ Science Shows. From breathing fire to mind blowing explosions we do it all and give you the science behind it. We are not magicians, we are scientists giving you the secrets to the Magic! We offer a wide range of entertaining and educational live science demonstrations performed right before your eyes by one of our science educators. We come to your place to entertain and draw the smile on your audience faces by our experienced Science Educators. Our Science Educators having scientific entertainer’s skills with a vast amount of energy and enthusiasm and highly experienced enough to ensure your science event goes smoothly and successfully, even if you’ve never hosted one before.

Our shows are rich with scientific (facts and figures) information, safe, highly interactive, with many demos involving the whole audience, as well as lots of volunteers on stage. We do have shows and demonstrations that are suitable for all ages and we invite you to discover and enjoy the world of bubbles, gases, chemical attraction reaction, learn about space and aeronautics, uncover the secret of CryoBlast (supercold liquid), make HUGE clouds of liquid nitrogen that envelop the crowd and more.

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