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Skydome Movielist (Update Nov. 28 2016)


Duration: 26 minutes
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The Body Code

Fly through the carotid artery; explore the eye, brain, ear, and heart. Then, shrink into a cell to see its nucleus and DNA within. Discover how DNA programs the body’s cells to form the circulatory and nervous systems. Then watch from inside as we use lasers to fight disease at the cellular level.



Duration: 19 minutes
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Cocomong: A Space Adventure

Described only in books, Cocomong dreams of what it would be like to really travel through space. And then all too quickly Halley appears out of nowhere! To protect the last remaining star ball, the alien kid from Titan makes an emergency landing on Fridge Land. His parents were kidnapped by Virus King planning to rule the universe once all the star balls are put together. Halley needs the help of Cocomong and his friends to save his parents and get the other star balls back. But Titan is farther than Mars or Jupiter, and near Saturn. Will our rescuers be able to travel all the way safely? “We’ll never know until we get there!” says Cocomong and as they embark on a rescue mission, so begins their adventure through space.


Duration: 31 minutes
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The night sky … both beautiful and mysterious.The subject of camp-fire stories, ancient myths and awe for as long as there have been people. Living beneath the open dark sky the earliest humans were aware of nightly changes as planets marched across the sky, the Moon waxed and waned, and occasional meteors flared across the horizon. Slowly the simple early observations revealed patterns that could be depended upon, leading to the first calendars. With the yearly cycle mapped out, settlements and agriculture could develop and early civilizations thrived. At the same time, the first maps of the sky grouped the brightest stars into familiar constellations, helping to develop navigational skills, expanding trade and aiding exploration. From our vantage point, on a pale blue planet, orbiting an undistinguished star, far from the centre of our galaxy, we are privileged to be able to look out and seek the answers to these grand questions of existence.


Duration: 32 minutes
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Enchanted Reef - Kaluoka' Hina

The vastness of our planet’s oceans guards unimaginable secrets. One of its most precious is “Kaluoka’hina”, the enchanted reef whose magic protects it against humans finding it. Kaluoka’hina’s colorful inhabitants have thus always lived in peace…until the volcano erupts, and the spell is broken.

Now it’s up to the young sawfish Jake and his paranoid pal Shorty to restore the magic of Kaluoka’hina. Their only lead: the ancient legend that tells of touching the moon. But how is a fish supposed to touch the moon? This is just one of the intriguing puzzles that Jake and Shorty have to solve on their most exciting adventure ever: the quest to save their beloved reef.


Duration: 24 minutes
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We Choose Space

Fifty years ago, President Kennedy chose the Moon. Today we can still choose a trip into space to the completed International Space Station or to the Moon.

Prepare for an immersive full-dome adventure on the ISS or in a future moon colony. The show makes human spaceflight after the Space Shuttle very exciting, immersive, and real. Enjoy the astronaut experience and share it with children who dream of spaceflight! This is the first planetarium show told completely by astronauts (Scott Parazynski, Tom Jones and Gene Cernan) and a famous space reporter (Walter Cronkite).


Duration: 41 minutes
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Dinosaurs Dusk

In this fulldome show, we follow the adventures of a father and his teenage daughter Lucy, who share a fascination for all things that fly. They travel back in time, navigating from continent to continent, exploring an Earth teeming with pterosaurs and the ancestors of modern-day birds — the feathered dinosaurs.

Their travels take them through the Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous geologic periods. They soar the ancient skies with Quetzalcoatlus, escape from raptors, and race across the deserts behind Argentinosaurus. They hike through rain forests, scale ice cliffs, sail over primordial oceans, and parachute into a vast sinkhole in their search for the first flying animals. When time runs out, they experience first-hand the cataclysmic “last day” of the dinosaurs.


Duration: 37 minutes
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Moles: What Is Out There?

MOLES’ story revolves around a young mole named Plato. Plato lives deep underground in a dark burrow full of mystery and surprises together with his mum and dad. He is a restless, curious and thoughtful creature. Plato is fascinated by the light that penetrates the entrance to his home. Sometimes it is lit; sometimes it is off… Why could that be? Our young friend is desperate to see what is out there in the outside world and one day he finally gets to see it all! Plato discovers day and night, the sun and the moon, and the stars! Plato’s best friends are Alfa, Beta and Gamma with whom he loves to sing… and go treasure hunting! Good thing that the professor Socrates keeps an eye on our young friends… as sometimes things can get a little out of hand…! The story has been inspired by the Greek philosopher Plato’s “Myth of the Cave”. The film MOLES stands out for the beauty and simplicity of its visual design. Characters and setting are developed with clear and tender consistency. The illustrations are suggestive, warm and very expressive. They are filled with poetic messages that will stir the imagination of boys and girls.


Duration: 30 minutes
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Climate Change - What future are we facing?

There are disturbing indications that Earth is warming up; increased global temperature, variations in frequency and intensity of rain, extreme meteorological phenomena, ice retreating of glaciers and the North Pole and advancing desertification.

Earth experiences periodically altered climate, with periods of ice ages and warmth, even in the last millennium. Some scientists say these are natural periods with climate variations due to solar activity changes and orbital variations of the planet.

This show will entertain and educate with an easy-to-understand story about how our planets climate is changing. Through the immersive impact of fulldome, the viewer is plunged into a spectacular environment recreating landscapes and virtual scenes. From the examination of meteorological phenomena to the exploration of large natural spaces and weather conditions, fulldome provides a memorable way to learn about this highly topical and transcendent issue.


Duration: 28 minutes
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Amigos - Inside the Human Body

Come with us on an incredible journey to the inside of the human body where the audience will not only learn what the different parts of the body are and where they are situated, but also how to look after them and keep them healthy through hygiene tips, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle in general.

Three children and a dog: Steven, mad about cinema, somewhat fearful, who has just arrived in the neighborhood. Teresa, adventurous, conscientious about the environment and animal lover, she loves sport, for which her wheelchair is not an obstacle. Alex, shy, methodical and a science lover. And Cookies, an old stray dog who the group of friends immediately treat as one of their own.

After a mysterious meeting that will unite them forever and with the help of a wonderful invention, ”The Virtual Reality Room”, they will learn firsthand about the incredible machine: the human body. They learn from the inside how the sense of sight works, about the brain, how our body is fed by oxygen, about the heart´s mechanism and our digestive system. They will also have to help the body to fight off an invader, Viron, who will try to provoke bad illnesses and finish them off as well.


Duration: 41 minutes
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Dawn of the Space Age

Experience the exciting beginnings of space travel, from the start of Sputnik 1 to the landings on the Moon, and from the assembly of the International Space Station to the first private spaceflights.Trace the initial competition of political systems for supremacy in space, and the peaceful collaboration between nations today. Join in the vivid, historically accurate reconstruction of mankind’s first steps into the cosmos.

Be immersed and overwhelmed with this most accurate historic reconstruction of Man’s first steps into space.

Learn about the men and women who braved the risks of space travel. Witness their courage, their passion and their perseverance in “Dawn of the Space Age”.

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