Deema Community Center

Summer Camp 2019 – Educare Training Center
Date : 30th Jun to 29th Aug
1- Three days a week: 100/ day, 250/ week, 850 Monthly, 1500/ 2 Months
2- Six days a week: 100/ day, 400/ week, 1520/ Month, 2250/ 2 Months
Ages : 7-14 years

ACTIVITIES: STEM, Arts & Crafts, Science Show, Coding & Robotics, self-development & effective personality building, Team play & Physical Activities, Exploring Leadership, Development Courses, Modern & effective Skills to build & manage teams, Strength self-confidence, Training in creative thinking, Presentation skills, casting arts & attractive character building

Camp Activities

Through project-based activities, students’ skills are enhanced across science, engineering, technology, and coding. Design, build and test robots that can complete complex tasks, record live data, respond to environmental changes and more.

Experimental Art sessions will equip the campers with crafting techniques in turn building the skills they can use to complete their STEM challenges

LEGO Fun will be a progressive course that aims to equip students with basic programming knowledge and creative design thinking through playful learning. Participants will be introduced to simple elementary projects and advance to challenges requiring them to find out-of-the-box solutions.

Maker Challenges campers will complete hands-on maker projects each week further exploring their interest in design, building, engineering, art, science or crafting. Taking their creativity to the next level, campers might make paper circuits, sound-making devices, or giant cardboard structures.

Fun Activity would be a time for campers to engage in unique interactive activities including Science Shows, 3D Movies, Edible Science and more(We can create posts for each of these separately)

Design & Plan Campers will develop their architectural drawing skills! With a focus on perspective and free-hand drawing techniques, participants will design different components of a smart city from streets to buildings and even playgrounds!

Building & Décor time to bring the designs to life! Campers will build their designs to create realistic models of important structures in a community

Sports engage children through various physical activities and sports. These also provide an ideal way of making new friends while keeping fit and active.

Little Chef engages children about science in a fun way. With the basic and easy-to-combine ingredients, it couldn’t be simpler for children to make. Kids will have a fill of learning and a tasty snack that involves cooking, baking or making something sweet to eat.

Venue Location Map

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